With a proven, twenty-six year track record of success providing business process and software solutions, Praeses Business Technologies has been involved across a broad spectrum of industries through customers which include the Department of Defense. Working with Tier 1 and Tier 2 shipbuilders, including leading DoD contractors, Praeses Business Technologies has been extensively engaged in both the government and commercial shipbuilding sectors since 2004.

We have also successfully worked with shipbuilders in securing federal or state monies to provide funding for shipyard technology improvements.

The Praeses Shipbuilding Solutions Group is staffed with both technology and engineering experts. The team focuses on solving customer business problems by utilizing our team’s combined talents through a process driven approach. Our goal—always bring maximum value to every customer engagement.​

“In complex shipbuilding programs with a multitude of stakeholders and requirements, there needs to be a single point for data to facilitate efficient resolution. Getting all regulators and stakeholders into one system ensures issues can be grouped for efficient resolution and tracked accordingly. OneList can be used to schedule and align resources in a way that reduces cost, which is a key driver in the current defense acquisition environment.”

LT Ashley Fuller
​U.S. Navy