Backed by a team of top-tier scientists and seasoned petroleum engineers, Emerald Surf Sciences researches,
develops, and implements emerging technologies and strategies for the oil and gas markets.

project overview

Emerald Surf Sciences has developed and delivered value-added niche technologies directly to oil and gas operators since 2009. With more than 2,000 wells of empirical know-how, the success and reliability of the solutions is recognized industry-wide.

business need

Part of Emerald Surf’s innovative technology suite included monitoring live data from sensors used during the post-frack drill-out process. The company needed to simplify this process and make it more portable. They had a need for real-time data monitoring.

the challenge

Praeses Business Technologies examined the Emerald Surf processes and workflows to create a real-time, web-based tool for data access, reporting and chemical management. This allowed users to monitor and control chemical mixing and to make critical decisions whether on-site or miles away. Praeses needed to look at the current process and create a tool that would be real-time, have web-based data access, reporting, and chemical management tools that allowed users to monitor and control chemical mixing and input and make critical decisions whether on-site or miles away. 

With this tool, Emerald Surf was able to set alerts and push notifications for KPI’s and view, create and export at-a-glance statistics formatted on multi-axis graphs. 

The primary challenges involved the logging, transmission and syncing of a tremendous amount of data real-time and across multiple devices with intermittent connectivity.

the solution

Praeses Business Technologies created a dashboard for Emerald Surf’s petroleum engineers and chemists to monitor this data remotely and be able to report on KPIs or act on information in a real time environment.

client review

“The ‘Emerald Surf Vision’ software package that Praeses developed for us has become a major business differentiator for Emerald Surf Sciences. Our Praeses-developed tools have not only significantly streamlined our mobile and decentralized business operations but also have provided our customers with a truly unique real-time, data-driven decision making interface.  In a very competitive market place, our relationship with Praeses has given my team a means to stand out above the crowd and to shine light on historically ‘data-dark’ operations within the oilfield.”

Nathan R. Hutchings, Ph.D.
President and Chief Operating Officer​